A cycle back in time (01/07/17)

If Penny Farthings, bow ties & top hats are your cup of tea, then read on.

To begin the two day weekend of Seaton Cycle Fest in East Devon for 2017. The team at Velo Vintage, organised a cycle ride around Seaton & the surrounding area for those in period dress. 

The sun was shining & hundreds of people turned out for the cycle, with plenty of opportunities along the way for a cup of tea & to soak up the rays. 

Below is a selection of images I took at the event.

The riders gathered at Seaton Jurassic before the grand depart at 10:30am. They then rode down to the sea front before heading north through town & onto their next stop at the White Hart in Colyford. 

Following their stop in Colyford, the group then headed south again to the Seaton Wetlands where they made another stop for some tea & cake at the discovery hut.

Following the break at the Wetlands, it was now time to head back into town for the vintage fayre organised for the afternoon.

The turnout for the ride & weather were both great, bringing a wonderful first day to the Seaton Cycle Fest weekend.

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