Parkour Ride (04/10/14) Photo Recap

Multi storey car parks may not have much in the way of excitement going for them you might think. Though that couldn’t be said on Saturday October 4th when the 1st Parkour Ride event graced the concrete at Tobacco Dock, London.
The concept of the event is simple, get on a bike & ride up & down the car park as fast as you can, while navigating various obstacles along the way. Various cycling disciplines were involved, from road racers to bmx’ers.
Top riders involved included Bmx supercross champion Liam Phillips, Women’s downhill champion Manon Carpenter & recently retired road racer David Millar.

Below is a selection of my photos from the night.

Before the evening Knockout races, the riders practiced the route around the car park, here’s Liam Phillips making his way across the top @ level 11.

As darkness fell on Tobacco dock, the venue started to come alive, with crowds arriving & lights taking over.

Red Bull music & DJ K1R3Y provided the pumping beats around the car park accompanied by DJ Paul Sethi.

Cameras were set up on the different levels showing cctv style footage of the action for everyone to see.

The night’s action began at a relentless pace with the speed & stakes rising further into the evening.

David Millar having just retired from the road racing scene, tried his hand at the course on his road bike. He fared well, though those nifty bmx racers were far better suited to the course & its obstacles.

Manon Carpenter was arguably the top female rider in the event, faring very well against the guys. Here she is heading down from the roof.



Liam Phillips was on top form heading into the Parkour Ride & he didn’t disappoint. Setting blistering times on the course from the word go, he progressed through the knockout stages going on to win the event, as many had anticipated.

Parkour Ride is definitely something I can see catching on & there’s already another in the works for 2015. Can see riders from all over entering in future. Certainly a different style of cycling event. Fast paced, great atmosphere & music, it was a great first event from the team @ Face Cycling & everyone else involved.

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