Jupiter London Nocturne 07/06/14

As mentioned in the previous post about the tour series, I was in London mainly for this Annual event around Smithfield Market, The London Nocturne. Various different cycling events starting in the sunshine at 4pm & continuing until 10:45pm under the lights & through the camera flashes.
The weather earlier in the day had threatened to put a dampener on the event, but we were treated to warm dry weather throughout. Below are some of my images, both mobile & digital from the 2014 Jupiter London Nocturne.

The first events were the folding bicycle race heats, where competitors had to start Le Mans style, by running 50 metres to the start line before unfolding their bikes and racing around the circuit. Here are some of the entrants as they made their way to the running start.

Even though they were folding bikes, the riders certainly picked up some pace, considering the size of the wheels etc when compared to traditional bikes.

Another attraction of the Nocturne over the years has been the Penny Farthing race. Easier said than done, I’d have an issue staying on the bike at all, let alone racing them around the 1.1km circuit!

Again like the folding bikes, there was no let up in the pace provided by the riders, not hanging about and racing seriously.

Another event was the retro bike race, comprising off all kinds of old bikes. Though a couple of riders wearing caps had to borrow a some Helmets for health and safety reasons. This guy even though he wasn’t near the front, was a real crowd favourite. This was his celebration as he neared the finish.


A new event at this year’s Nocturne was the Barclays Cycle Hire (Boris Bike) race. A popular event with a field including serious racers as well as well known faces such as Rough Copy from 2013 X Factor tv fame.

Anyone who has tried one of these bikes know that they aren’t the lightest things on two wheels, though these guys made it look easy as they sprinted to the finish. Some competed on the standard blue bikes, with others opting for the yellow bikes, marking the arrival of the Tour De France in Yorkshire & London next month!

As darkness descended on the streets around Smithfield Market, the Elite Men’s & Women’s races began, the latter being the first of the events.
This is a fisheye shot of the riders flying along the home straight.

This one was taken midway through the Women’s elite criterium as world champion Katie Archibald led the leading group through the night.

The final event of the Nocturne was the Men’s elite criterium with Tour Series high fliers Rapha Condor JLT making their way to the start line.

Fresh off of last week’s Giro d’Italia, Garmin Sharp rider Tyler Farrar rode his way around the streets around Smithfield, the course illuminated by the streetlights & camera flashes.

Unsurprisingly the pace in the men’s criterium was very high throughout the field with laps coming in at just over 1 minute each.

Canary Wharf Tour Series winner Tobyn Horton was on it again this evening, sprinting towards the line to make it two victories in just over two days, not bad going at all for the Madison Genesis rider.

There were high fives all round for Horton as he soaked up his victory lap before stepping up onto the presentation stage.

Overall a thoroughly entertaining event with something for everyone, certainly worth a visit if you are around when the Nocturne returns in 2015.

Lots more cycling photos coming over the next few months with the 101st Tour De France grand depart on Saturday the 5th July in Leeds being a biggie. I will also be in London for stage three of the tour as it reaches the Mall on it’s way from Cambridge. Following that there are events such as the RideLondon event in August as well as the Commonwealth games in Glasgow. In September there’s also the Tour of Britain, where I will be attending at least 3 stages.

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