The start of the 2014 Grizzly Run. Seaton, Devon 09/03/14

The morning of the 2014 edition of the Grizzly run & Seaton, Devon was bathed in sunshine. Welcomed after the miserable weather during the 2013 Grizzly.
For those readers not aware of what the Grizzly run is, basically it is a tough 20 mile multi terrain run on roads, beach, mud & bogs! Not to mention the hills that have to be scaled along the route.
Below is a selection of images of mine at the start in Seaton taken on both my phone camera and my GoPro Hero 3+ black edition mounted on a monopod.
If you recognise anyone in the photos, let me know and I will get a copy of the image sorted out for you.

Banners were on display and people were waiting to cheer the runners on at the start on Seaton esplanade.

The runners gathered at the start.

And there were lots of them, stretching a long way along the esplanade.

Town crier David Craner giving the runners some words of encouragement before setting them off.





Almost immediately after the start, the runners encounter the first of their challenges along the route, the run along Seaton beach before they head west again towards Beer.


The runners pass the start line again, the next time they are here will be at the finish line!

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