Looking at the world in three dimensions

Earlier last year, I made a post about 3d images that I had taken on my iPhone. Since that initial 3d photo taking phase, I was hooked on taking 3d photos. This later led me on to purchase a Fuji w3 3d compact camera a couple of months down the line. I have been using this as the main source of 3d photographs ever since. As with all photography, 3d is a bit hit and miss results wise but seems to work out better when objects are a few metres away from the camera and/or they are the right colour.

Below is a series of images I took using the W3 camera during the latter half of 2013. I will upload an anaglyph image (red/blue glasses at the ready!) and underneath another version of the image for those without 3d glasses. (looking at it cross eyed and slowly drawing my eyes further away seems to work for me.

DSCF0090-A_  DSCF0090-CL


DSCF0193-CL  DSCF0198-A_ DSCF0198-CL

DSCF0213-A_ DSCF0213-CL

DSCF0261-A_ DSCF0261-CL

DSCF0330-A_ DSCF0330-CL

DSCF0603-A_ DSCF0603-CL

DSCF0352-A_ DSCF0352-CL

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