The damage left by strong winds & high tides in Seaton, Devon 05/02/14

Overnight on the 4th & on the morning of the 5th of February, a low pressure weather system coming in off the Atlantic brought gales to South West England. This combined with high tides brought with it widespread damage across coastal areas. Seaton in East Devon was one of those areas that suffered as a result of the weather.
Below is a selection of mobile images I took in Seaton on the 5th of February.

As high tide came in, the sea front was cordoned off by police as large waves smashed over the sea wall.

At low tide I had a look along the sea front to have a look at the damage caused by the rough weather.

Debris was strewn across the roads near the beach.



There was a lot of damage caused by the power of the sea on West Walk. Benches thrown around & smashed up, signs battered, bins & their contents everywhere & the public toilets badly damaged after the doors were smashed.


Brick walls even on the other side of the sea wall were destroyed by the waves and the water leaving bricks all over the roads.

Any furniture that did remain intact on the beach side of the sea wall was buried under the pebbles that were pushed further up the beach by the sea.

Along the esplanade where cars would usually be parked, pebbles and debris has been thrown over the top of the sea wall & onto the road.

As the sun tries to break through and the clear up begins in town, the threat of more unsettled weather on Saturday looms & all communities along the coast can do is wait & hope for the best.

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