Underground Overground (mobile photo project)

Too often when I travel to London without a schedule of things to do, I find myself wandering around the same parts of the city again & again (not that it’s a bad thing.)
So for the last free(ish) weekend in the city, I decided to begin a new project using my phone to create the images.

London Bridge

Basically the idea is to go to London Underground stations & shoot photos of the street scenes outside the entrances & exits. This should give a diverse range of images of different areas of the city & also for me show areas of the city I have never been to with the intention of exploring with a camera.
As I only had the initial weekend, with other shoots in between, the task I set was to cover the stations in Zone 1 (central London.)

Green Park

With these time restrictions, I managed about 45 stations in Zone 1 but the intention is to eventually cover the whole network to build up a big picture of the streets above the underground.

More images I have taken as part of this initial shoot can be found on Backspaces at http://www.backspac.es/r/WPg8dUPV2m


Update: I’ve now set up an Instagram account where I will upload each image from the project @undergroundoverground.

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