Photographing a Triathlon: London 14/09/13

With this year’s edition of the Tour of Britain upon us, starting in Peebles as I write this post. I have had to get my camera ready for when I attend stages 6 7 & 8 at the end of the week. As I had never photographed cycling with this camera before, I decided to head to London on the 14th of September to photograph some of the triathlon events happening around the Hyde park area of the city. It was mainly to test things such as focusing speeds, and wet weather durability, so when it comes to photographing the tour, I know how the camera will respond.
I was photographing the waves of different ages groups competing in triathlons around the park as that would give me plenty of times to brush up on techniques with the camera. After initially photographing some of the swimming in the Serpentine (not an easy task for good photos) I focused on photographing the cycling element of the race.
Below is a small selection of the images I took.

I walked around the park early on to look for good spots to get some photos from. Spectators were already out in force along the finishing straight, the same straight that was used during the Olympics.

I practiced things such as panning, tilting the action at an angle (like this) and using flash to expose the triathletes better in the gloomy September conditions.

It wasn’t long before cyclists were riding each way along the main stretch of road on the course, with action in the background blurred further out as I focused on the subjects in the foreground.

As more and more people exited the serpentine and got on their bikes, riders were in small groups feeding off of each others energy around the course, similar to what you would see in the cycling tour races.

A couple of hours in, the roads were getting congested with bikes as they made their way around the course, before starting the running element of the triathlon.

As a test for my camera in these conditions, I was rather happy with the results and comfortable with how it performed in different situations. Roll on Stage 6 of the tour of Britain, from Sidmouth, Devon to Haytor on Dartmoor. Followed by the Surrey stage where I will be in Guildford and finally the last stage in London. I will upload some of the images from these stages to the blog.

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