Seaton Carnival 31/08/13

Every year towards the end of August/Beginning of September, the East Devon Carnival circuit gets underway at it’s traditional starting point of Seaton, Devon.
Having missed attending last year due to being in London, I decided to turn up and see what the carnival clubs had come up with for this year’s processions.
Below is a small selection of the images I took at Seaton Carnival.

Last minute preparations are made to the entries as they line up along Seaton esplanade prior to the 8pm start.



The Majorette groups are amongst the first to make their way through the Seaton streets lined with crowds, led out by the Seaton Majorettes.


Gremlins and Toy Story Characters are amongst some of the other walking entries to the carnival.

The walking entries are followed up by the carnival clubs showing their floats off in some cases for the first time. This NHS themed float being the creation of the Nunsford Nutters carnival group.


Over the last few years, Sid Vale Carnival club have put hours and hours in to come up with the biggest and arguably best floats to show off on the circuits. Here is a view of it as it forms the end of the carnival, still making it’s way along the Esplanade.

They may have turned up a bit late at the start, but they certainly didn’t disappoint with their entry named ‘Legend of the Crystal Skull’

Fitting really that the biggest and most colourful float ends the first Carnival of this years circuit.
Colyton Carnival is next up in 2 weeks on the 14th of September.

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