Seaton & Beer during May bank holiday weekend

Down in south west England as well as most of the country, we were treated to some great spring weather for the first May bank holiday weekend of May ’13. Following what hasn’t been the greates of few months to start the year off with weather wise.
I wasn’t up to a great deal over the weekend, so what better thing to do than enjoy the weather and take some photos of the glorious Jurassic coastline (world heritage site) around where I live.
Below are some of the images I took both in Seaton and Beer in East Devon, England, using both my digital slr camera and my phone camera.

Looking west along the beach from Seaton towards Seaton hole and Beer.

The cliffs along the same stretch of coastline, which over the last year have been rather active due to the bad weather saturating the ground.

This recently rebuilt thatched cliffside shelter provides great views over the bay.

Despite a series of rockfalls from the cliffs behind, the vibrant beach huts are back for another season. They were built over Easter and will be taken back down after summer.

The town’s clock tower overlooks the new seating/performance area that has replaced a broken water feature. Time will tell how much this is used for recreational purposes (not by the odd skateboarder as I have already seen here!)

Now for the photos taken on my phone.

Blue skies over Beer beach midway through Saturday morning.

Deck chairs all set out along both sides of the beach ready for the crowds to descend over the coming months.

Meanwhile, back in Seaton, flowers are in bloom whilst being bathed in the blue skies of spring.

On the Sunday, a small french market came to town, offering things such as breads, cakes, cheese, soaps & more. The town could do with something like this a bit more frequently to get people into town, instead of just the Supermarkets & the beach before going home.

A giant squirrel greets shoppers at a stall selling nuts, turkish delights & cakes.

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