Photos from ‘the view’

Since 2009, work has been progressing to build the tallest building in Western Europe in Southwark, London. The Shard as it is commonly known has been visibly rising above the London skyline. In 2012 the external construction was complete and tickets became available to purchase for the public to travel up to the new public viewing galleries on floors 68-72 from 1st of February 2013.
Having tracked the progress of the Shard, I was one of the early ticket buyers and was lucky enough to book a slot on February the 1st in the evening.
In this post are some of the images I took with my new full frame dslr from 800ft above the streets of London at night.









The clear night was brilliant, meaning you could see for miles and miles from the top and there was only a slight breeze on floor 72, where you are exposed to the elements. Although the tickets are a bit pricey, If you are around, it is certainly worth checking out as there is no limit to your stay when at the viewing galleries and with the right weather, the view from the Shard is spectacular.

Working on some more posts over the next few weeks on the blog including new photo (and video) projects and some walkthroughs as well.

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