How I edit my Mobile Photographs

Those that Know me enough will by now know that as well as loving to shoot with my cameras, I also love to take photos with my phone, something I always have with me.
Having the phone I have, I can download and use apps that help me get the photographic effect I want even after the original photo has been taken.

People have seen my iPhone work and subsequently asked how I get them ‘that good’ so I will be posting a few walkthroughs here of my edit processes, from original to finished image.

The image above is the original image of the Heron tower in London, straight out of the default ios camera app.

I then opened it up in the Snapseed app where I applied the ‘drama’ filter to give a bit more definition to the cloud in the sky and bring out the building a bit more sharply. The default filter settings were used.

After looking at the original photo, I noticed that the panels on the building were at a slant, therefore I straightened them out manually using the Snapseed app again.

After straightening the image, I closed Snapseed and opened the Noir photo app, something I use a lot for my black and white/mono images. I tweaked it to my liking as shown in the image above.

Here is the final image, after just A few minutes of editing, it has a super sleek black and white finish.

I will write more of these walkthroughs over the coming weeks.

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