Instagram, will the increasing levels of spammers put people off?

I will begin this post by stating that the facts don’t lie. Since it began a couple of years ago, the social photo sharing app, Instagram has soared in popularity with a huge user base uploading images, commenting and liking others. That is a great achievement. Groups all across the world have formed thanks to the app, with regular meet ups involving ‘instagrammers’ taking photos at arranged dates, forming new friendships & inspiration amongst users.
Since first using the app at the beginning of the year, I must admit, I am addicted. I love sharing my mobile images and looking at the work of other users all around the world with varying levels of ability.

However the past couple of months in particular have highlighted an annoying trend that seems to be getting more and more frequent. Spammers, easily identified by accounts that follow thousands of users and have no images to look at. Another trait that many users now notice is the comments on your images offering you followers for money or a spot in an up and coming movie, usually accompanied by a follow.

Ever since a popular social networking giant purchased Instagram, the problem seems to be getting worse.

Having blocked spammers and reported them though the in built options in the app, I have taken note of them. In some instances, the spammers I have checked have still been going strong weeks later. Which in such a popular app, with the now strong backing it should have, shouldn’t be happening.

How much longer will the problems continue until users look at other similar photo apps and join them, diluting the overall Instagram experience.

As a user of the app ( @atmoorehead is my username) I hope it doesn’t get to this point, but it needs to be sorted out by the higher powers at Instagram.

Feel free to leave comments about your views and thoughts regarding spam and the app, or even other annoying traits that bug you.

Let’s hope for the huge username this issue is sorted out as much as possible before users do turn their backs.

  1. m1ss4nnthr0p3 said:

    I started using instagram in January 2013 and every now and then, a fake account would like my photo (they all had like 3 images, all ads for, and the bio would always read like : “Bacon enthusiast. Beer nerd. Introvert.” Ick!) But at least they got me some likes to start me out! Now I’m getting many more comments : often hilariously unrelated to the image! Today I posted a text collage to remind everyone to block and report spammers, and it got all kinds of positive comments …from spammers! One person who spammed me had a warning on her page that her account had been hacked. It seems spammers are getting increasingly aggressive. What are we going to do about this? I love IG! Please reply with feedback.

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