Night Photography with the iPhone

A couple of posts back in the blog, I posted some of my camera images of Beer beach at night.
Something I had always wanted to do was get some night images from my phone camera as well. Due to the limitations of the iPhone (and most other phones) camera in Low light, doing this hadn’t been possible.
Until that is I discovered the ‘645 Pro’ app for the iPhone. It basically simulates on the iPhone screen, some of the functions you would find on a more professional camera. (Iso, shutter speeds, white balance etc.)
One of the modes that struck me was the night mode, which I must admit I was a bit skeptical about at first. To test it I just took a photo outside the house at night and compared it to an image taken with the default camera app. The difference was amazing, although you have to hold the phone very steady (in order for the light to reach the sensor) or use a tripod to stabilise the camera. In well lit scenes e.g with streetlights, it may be too light, but the mode seems to push above it’s weight in true low light scenes. Which is where I thought about shooting on the beach, a naturally dark place in the evening.

Below are some of the photos I took using the 645 Pro and it’s night mode:








All things considered, I was impressed with how the photos came out. The only slight downside being the noise in the photos, but as with cameras, the Iso needs to be increased to let more light in without increasing the shutter speed. Apart from that small negative which I can live with, I really like the night mode in the 645 pro app.

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