Beer beach at night

As we approach the latter stages of the year here in the UK, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting Longer. For many that will mean staying at home earlier in the evening and restricting photography to the daylight hours. But this time of the year, in my opinion, presents brilliant opportunities for photographers of all abilities to get out there and experiment with their photography under the lights or even in the darkness. Sometimes it may seem hard to get the motivation to venture out and shoot in the dark (like with the weather!) but the results you can get can be great and keep you going back out to shoot night scenes. You can read places in a completely different light (excuse the pun) when compared to looking at them and shooting in the daytime.
This is something I started to do about four years ago as I was intrigued to see what results I could achieve with my digital SLR in the darkness. I decided to go somewhere you wouldn’t usually associate with the night, which is the beach, not far away from where I live. Initially the images were a bit hit and miss, but as I worked out what worked and what didn’t, I was able to refine my images and get some really good images from the beach under the cover of darkness (with the odd light here or there.)
During the daytime, my subject, Beer beach in East Devon, England, is a small but busy fishing beach with a fleet of boats that go out during the day to catch fish and return late in the afternoon. The beach is also popular with tourists especially during the summer months. However when darkness falls, the atmosphere on the beach is completely different, very calm and quiet, with the majority of it shrouded in darkness. This was something I wanted to capture with my night photos.

Below is a selection of the photos I have taken on the beach over the past few years.








Having not done any night photography work down on the beach in the last year and a bit, I certainly plan on doing some more shoots there later this year. Any highlights will be posted here in due course.

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