Day 15 of the games 11/08/12

Today, as planned, I returned back to London for the day on the penultimate day of the games. There were race walk events today, both men’s and women’s, that were free to watch from the end of the Mall through to Constitution Hill. As I arrived outside Green Park station, the action had already begun, and you could hear the crowds at the other side of the park. The atmosphere here was brilliant echoing the atmosphere throughout great Britain throughout these wonderful games.
As always, I was with my cameras ready to document what I saw.
Having never photographed race walking before and being stood behind people in the crowd, I had to take a series of photographs to practice techniques to get the right shots.

Walking around the Covent Garden area of London, which was busy as usual & the streets lined with union jack flags and Olympic and Paralympic logos.

Loads of deck chairs in the park were still empty as the swathes of spectators lining the Mall and Constitution hill to watch the action.

A familiar sight at the London Olympics, lots of fans draped in flags, face paint and supporting t shirts lining the route cheering on their countrymen. This was the scene that greeted me on Constitution hill.

Team GB’s 50k Male entrant was Dominic King, who eventually finished In 51st place. Here he was passing the drinks stations refuelling himself to continue progressing through the race.

A member of the Italian team waits for his man to pass by to pick up a drink and energy boost.

As the athletes progressed through the laps, they gradually broke further apart from each other, with groups getting smaller and smaller. At the two hour mark (about half distance) this was one of the groups as they head towards the refuelling stations.

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