‘Super Thursday’ 1 day to go! 26/07/12

Today was the day I arrived in the 2012 Olympic host city, London.
From the moment I stepped off of the train, the atmosphere was there straight away, from the bright signs hanging all over Waterloo station and the streets, to the people everywhere wearing merchandise, taking photos and enjoying the warm weather.
I decided to walk to Whitehall where the Olympic torch was due to pass on it’s last full day en route to Hyde Park. Below is a selection of images that I captured in the Hour or so I was in central London today.

Looking towards the London eye bathed in Sunlight and thousands of people walking to and from Westminster bridge.

Before the torch arrived, some of the entertainment included this guy on a rather fancy bike, the crowd certainly approved!

One of the reps waves a huge union jack flag around as the convoy waits to proceed further.

The torchbearer carries his torch on from Downing Street, walking at a steady pace, to give everyone a glimpse of the torch.

Tomorrow I will see the torch leave Hampton court palace early in the morning, before heading into Central London later in the day, to capture the atmosphere that surrounds the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics!

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