July, bad weather, cliffs & roads don’t mix

As you may have already seen or heard in the news by now, the bad weather hasn’t helped the coast around Seaton, Devon as it gets ready for the busy summer season in a few weeks time. I have already posted some of the images I took on the phone, but below will share some of my photos taken with the digital slr. No tweaks or edits to the images (bar a watermark!) just uploaded as they were taken in camera.

Standing at the end of west walk in Seaton, next to the Chine cafe, where the beach ahead has been cordoned off with a warning about imminent cliff falls. The cliffs in this image are known to be extremely unstable, but more so following the recent bad weather.



The cliffs behind the beach huts along West walk are also rather prone to landslips, albeit slightly smaller than the cliffs further west. Though over the last week, there have been numerous slips damaging some of the beach huts, which were still recovering from the bad weather a few months back. The majority of the huts are thankfully intact though.

This is a view of the cliffs between West Walk and Seaton Hole, which is the main danger area at the moment. Just beyond the vegetation at the top is Old Beer road, which is in danger of slipping down the cliff.

Another view of the road, which is slipping further away from the surface. The crack extends much further around than the area where the hole has appeared, so this section of road along with the adjoining pavement have been completely closed off, with walkers being asked to take the Beer road diversion.

Another view of the hole, which since taking this photo, has slipped down even further by a few feet.

Update 15th July:
Popped along to have a look today and the road has slipped down a bit further. I find it slightly odd that the pavement is open again, with it’s proximity to the edge. Anyway below are some more images I took using the Dslr camera.





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  1. David said:

    Great pictures! The third picture up from the bottom shows, in the background, the place where I stay when on holiday – Highcliffe Court – I hope it is still accessible lol

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