Just a matter of time

Just a quick post for this one. Was 5:20am as I walked to work this morning when I walked past this very large crack in the road surface, the significance being that the road is basically on the edge of a cliff, which has eroded bit by bit over the years. The road has since been closed while it is assessed, but I wouldn’t have thought much can be done to prevent the inevitable.



Update 13th July:
Went to have a look at the road today and the road has dropped down by a few feet. The cracks have also extended beyond this area of the road. So the road could go at any point. I didn’t hang around for too long, as the ground beneath me didn’t feel right. Below is one of the photos I took there.


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  1. David said:

    Hi there – found this site by googling your name after reading it in the Metro http://www.metro.co.uk/news/905143-old-beer-road-in-seaton-develops-3ft-sinkhole-after-heavy-rain-in-devon – I always holiday in Highcliffe Court and was there only a few weeks ago. Shocking pics! and ironic that it happened only a few weeks after it was resurfaced 😀
    My family uesd to live on the Esplanade in Seaton and I love Instagram so I’ll be a regular visitor to this site from now on – I especially like the pics of the storm damage to the beach huts that I heard about.
    Thanks for the site!

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