My Olympic schedule

With the games now only a few weeks away, I now have a pretty clear idea of where I will be each day I am in London during the Olympics. As I take probably thousands of photos and videos, I will upload 2 or 3 each day which are the highlights of each for you all to have a look at. Below, is a rough list of what I will be doing during my time in London during the games.

Thursday 26th July 2012:
I will arrive in London late afternoon, depending on time, I will get a few pre games atmospheric shots before heading to my Hampton court base, from where I will be staying during the week.

Friday 27th July 2012:
This is the day the games really kick off and excitement will be high.
I will be leaving early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch as it leaves Hampton Court Palace on the final leg of it’s journey en route to the Olympic stadium, where it will arrive in the evening.
I will then head back to base, maybe upload a few images, before having a quick rest and refuel before heading into London in the afternoon. I have a few locations in mind from where I will capture the festivities surrounding the opening ceremony, 2 being Victoria park and Potters fields park. I should be able to get some fantastic images wherever I am though.

Saturday 28th July 2012:
I will again be heading out early this morning, this time into central London, where I will be photographing the Men’s road cycling race, which will feature the likes of Team GB medal hope Mark Cavendish. There will be a fair gap I between the race setting off and arriving again, so I will do some more shots that capture the atmosphere of the 1st day of the Olympics.

Sunday 29th July 2012:
Today will be a similar format to yesterday, with the Women’s road race being the focus of the day. This could be a very open race but many will hope that Nicole Cooke can replicate her gold medal winning feat of Beijing, 4 years ago.

Monday 30th July 2012:
This morning I will be heading early towards the Olympic park in Stratford, where I will be spending most of the day. I have tickets for men’s Hockey in the afternoon and then another ticket to venture up the Orbit in the evening. Before and In between these sessions, I will be walking around the park, taking photos and capturing the Olympic atmosphere.

Tuesday 31st July:
Today will be more of an open day where I will capture the atmosphere around the city. I will also be going to one of the main live sites in Hyde park where there will be all sorts of festivities to capture and enjoy.

Wednesday 1st August:
For the 1st day of August, for me, I will be spending the day photographing athletes dressed in figure hugging Lycra suits riding bikes around the time trial course in Surrey. There are both men’s and womens time trails today which start and finish at Hampton court. I will most likely be walking around the route to get different vantage points as the cyclists take their turn to speed around the route.

Thursday 2nd August.
Today is the day I head home, but not until late afternoon, so I will be leaving early to take loads of photos capturing the games atmosphere around the city. By the end of the day, I will have had a great week with some amazing photos I have taken during the week, a lot of which, I will have uploaded to this blog.

Friday 3rd August:
Today I will be reviewing some of the images taken in London and then heading off to Weymouth to capture some of the Olympic sailing action for the day. I will then have a good look through over the weekend and upload a highlights post of my fav images so far.

I may well head back into London for a couple of days the following week, to photograph the free events such as the marathons and race walks. Then attention will be turned to the Paralympics in September when I will spend a few days there.

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