Weymouth 8/6/12 during the 2012 ‘sail for gold’ regatta

This week, one of the last events from the London Olympic sailing venue in Weymouth & Portland in Dorset before the Olympics in July, was taking place.
As I had a day off of work on Friday the 8th of June, I decided to head down to Weymouth and check out some of the action and the surroundings. Though the weather throughout the week had been particularly unsettled with rain and strong winds, meaning a lot of the sailing action had to be abandoned or postponed. Friday was no different unfortunately with strong winds being the biggest factor in the postponement of all the action until the following day, meaning I didn’t get any photos of sailing boats.
There were occasional blue skies though, so I had the camera out and took photos around Weymouth and Nothe Gardens looking out over Portland Harbour, where the National sailing academy is based.

Below are some of the photos I took during my visit.

I arrived in Weymouth by the beach, so this is where I started taking photos, with the aim being to walk westwards towards Nothe fort & gardens. This is a view of the town and the beach from next to Weymouth Pavilion.

Beach Volleyball nets were set upon the western side of the beach, where the ‘live site’ will be during the Olympic games.

This is the Weymouth Sealife tower, a tourist attraction opening in time for the Olympics, allowing people to go to the top for 360 degree views of the town, this will provide great views of the action during the Olympics.

Looking up at the main sign for the Weymouth Pavilion, which has clearly seen better days! Hopefully it will be spruced up before the games arrive at the end of July.

On my way between the town and the Nothe Gardens, I stopped to take some photos at the old Harbour, always a very picturesque place to visit, with the old fishing boats alongside small restaurants, pubs and cafes, oh…. and quite a few seagulls trying to get their share of the fish n’ chips.

This is a view from the bottom of Nothe Gardens, looking towards Nothe fort, with the bay on the right. During the games, Nothe gardens will be an area for Sailing ticket holders only, so any other vantage points of the action are sure to be rather busy.

Looking down a flight of steps towards one of the areas where the sailing will be taking place, this will be accessible for non ticket holders, so is likely to be very busy.

Looking towards Portland Harbour, with the sailing academy in the distance on the other side.

Looking across the rocks at low tide towards Portland.

At the foot of Nothe gardens with a view over towards Portland Harbour and a small information board for those interested in the sailing events during the Olympics.

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