More photographs from the Olympic park

As we reach the 70 days to go mark Until the opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium, I have looked at some more of the photos I took on both my phone and my camera on the 5th of May when I was inside the park. I will upload some of those below.

As far as the next week goes photography wise, on Sunday May 20th, I will be going to Exeter, where the Olympic torch will be arriving early in the evening. I will get there early afternoon in order to photograph the various events being held in the city before the relay arrives later on. I will also be using some of this time to scout the torch route in the city, to find a good vantage point for photos. The results of which will be posted here early next week.
Another point of the torch relay route that I will almost certainly photograph is on the 27th July, where the torch will leave Hampton court palace en route to the Olympic Cauldron later that day! I will probably base myself in Victoria park for the opening ceremony, where there will be crowds, festivities and big screens to catch all of the coverage on. The atmosphere there should be great with the park being only a stones throw from the Olympic park itself.






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